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Blockchain enabled smart payments for the hospitality industry
Blockchain enabled smart payments for the Meeting Events and Weddings industry
What is MEWcoin?
Simply: a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin but smart tools for venues utilising blockchain technology.
MEWcoin allows you to:
Take bookings from customers and agents direct
Make simple payments with powerful smart features
Bind multiple suppliers into a single 'contract'
Take payments on a fee schedule
Automatically pay suppliers and commissions
The underlying blockchain puts the control in the hands of the venue not a 3rd party payment provider.


Bringing fairness and transparency to commission payments by allowing complex commission relationships to be audited hierarchically by all parties and handled when a booking completes.


MEWcoin contracts allow firm reservations to be made without sharing card details,  transactions or availability data, at the same time as obviating the need for a written contract.


Our goal is to build strong relationships with venues and suppliers using the MEWcoin ecosystem to offer seamlessly integrated payment services which reduces the red tape and keeps them competitive.
MEWcoin Project Status
Due to the bear market we decided to pause our tokensale and sell equity in vFloorplan Ltd via the Crowdcube platform. The tokensale is still planned to go ahead but will likely be late 2019 or early 2020 now.

As a UK based company doing a tokensale we are in contact with the FCA to ensure we are fully compliant per CP19/3 where appropriate.

If you are interested in investing in the crowdsale please get in touch using the signup button below.

As well as building our presence and engaging with investors we are also building our MVP and API. We're expecting an MVP to be live around the end of our first year post-funding. This will also be integrated with a vFloorplan v5 for one of our existing customers - more details soon.

MEWcoin - an ecosystem for the $1 TRILLION USD Meetings, Events and Weddings (MEW) industry to transact with trust online. Commissions can be paid using blockchain smart contracts - no need to chase payments. MEW industry software companies can plug into our framework and monetise their products for frictionless commission gathering.

MEWcoin allows venues to take bookings from customers and agents directly allowing a single payment but at the same time handling complex rules like customer deposits, multiple supplier contracts, scheduled payments and automatic commissions. The blockchain allows for transparency and peace of mind for all parties involved, putting the ultimate control of the whole process in the hands of the venue not a 3rd party payment provider.

MEWcoin was created by vFloorplan Ltd, an established UK software company with high profile clients (including some UK Premiership Football Clubs, museums, major event venues, major brand hotels etc) and a large client waiting list who will be enabled for the MEWcoin ecosystem. Global customer base.

Key Facts

Some information about MEWcoin

MEWcoin is a concept created by vFloorplan as a way of enabling our customers to have smart payments. vFloorplan is a world leader in interactive venue floorplans.
Customer Base
Our model is B2B so our primary customer base consists of venues who host events. By enabling our partners to use MEWcoin for transactions we are extending our reach far further than we can grow organically.
MEWcoin isn't just A.N.Other coin. We are lowering the bar to blockchain use for other software vendors. Our simple to use API allows building flexible contracts to suit their product.
Existing Product
vFloorplan is a software company which has been running for 4 years. We are leveraging the desire for our core product to get MEWcoin onto venue websites.
By allowing contracts to be formed effortlessly at the point of reservation we are enabling venues to offer seamless and trusted services online for the first time ever in the hospitality industry.
Our intention is to try to grab as much of the hospitality market as we can. Leveraging our existing partners and forming new relationships will enable us to capture as much of the 250,000+ global venue market as possible.


Potential MEWcoin enabled venues


Over 2 billion annual visitors to Meetings, Weddings or Events globally


Over 1 trillion dollars spent annually in the Meetings, Events and Weddings industry


Expected average annual $
revenue per venue


Projected annual revenue if MEWcoin is in just 2% of venues
Meet the team

We are still growing our team, please
get in touch if you feel you can help out...

Steven Markham


In 2014 Steven co-founded vFloorplan Ltd to help address a key gap in the market for venue visualisation and pre-sales lead generation.

Prior to vFloorplan Steven has built up 35+ years experience in marketing, sales, and technology development. Steven was also the founder of Cubicspace Ltd in 2000, the software company which produced the critically acclaimed RTRE for computer graphics experts. Cubicspace's RTRE was also selected to be a member of the Autodesk (NASDAQ:ADSK) Certified Animation plug-in Program (ACAP) which was managed by TurboSquid Inc.

Steven also founded the first of its kind retail software chain ‘Software Circus’ which operated in London and became a household name amongst gamers in the UK when Atari and Commodore reigned supreme. He was also main board Retail Director at L.K. Bennett which is a leading UK shoe and clothing chain.

Steve Baker

CTO/Founder/Lead Blockchain Developer

Steve co-founded vFloorplan Ltd with Steven in 2014.

Prior to this he has 20+ years of experience as a Senior or Lead Programmer. He was hired by Cubicspace in 2007 as Lead Programmer and became their CTO in 2011. Steve worked for EA Sports (NASDAQ:EA) on NBA Live, Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI) working on the original Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX, as well as Silicon Dreams, Codemasters (AIM:CDM) and others.

Steve has been involved with crypto since 2013, having mined both Bitcoin and Litecoin using first GPUs then ASICs. As well as mining he took an interest in building blockchain technology. Drawing on his experience he came up with the concept for MEWcoin. In his own words, he is fluent in C/C++/GPU shading and various other languages. In 2018 he taught himself Solidity in order to write the smart contracts for MEWcoin on the Ethereum network.

Eric Chadwick

Computer Graphics Specialist

Eric Chadwick has over 20 years in many roles in digital art for games and other media as well as early development work with Cubicspace and vFloorplan.

Eric has collaborated with multiple art teams on more than 15 games with major studios like Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI), Disney (NASDAQ:DIS), EA (NASDAQ:EA), Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS), LucasArts, and Tencent.

Greg Simpson

PR Advisor

Greg is an established PR Consultant with his own agency since 2008 having spent the previous decade announcing business news to the regional and national press, or receiving it as a former journalist. He has worked for FTSE 100 firms, charities and start-ups and conducted press conferences with Sir Richard Branson and James Caan.
As well as being a former journalist, Greg has been a marketing manager for a £60m business, which is now a long-standing client of his agency and is the author of 'The Small Business Guide To PR'.

Nigel Botterill

Business Advisor

Nigel is the most sought after business growth expert in the UK. He is an award-winning British entrepreneur, marketer, author, speaker and business mentor.
Nigel left a successful corporate career and took the leap to self-employment in 2003. Since then he has founded nine separate million-pound plus businesses in both the B2C and B2B markets, including thebestof.
Most notably in 2010 Nigel launched the Entrepreneurs Circle the UK's largest membership organisation dedicated to helping businesses to grow and in February 2011, he published his first business book The Botty Rules, which reached number two in the Sunday Telegraph best-sellers list.


Team Members

We are looking for help with community management, marketing, fundraising, legal, user interface design and branding.

Some of our customers

The Tower Hotel
The Tower Hotel
The Tower has 19 meeting rooms and a terrace with unrivalled views of Tower Bridge, The Shard and the Thames.
The QEII Centre, Westminster.
The QEII Centre, Westminster.
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference centre is London's largest dedicated conference and event space.
The KIA Oval
The KIA Oval
The home to Surrey County Cricket Club. Featuring world class facilities which can comfortably accommodate up to 1000.
Emirates Stadium
Emirates Stadium
Arsenal Football Club's Emirates Stadium is one of the world's most breath-taking sporting arenas.
SMG/Century Center
SMG/Century Center
A 61,600 square feet venue on two levels with an island meeting space located in Indiana, USA.
National Conference Centre
National Conference Centre
The award winning NCC welcomes tens of thousands of guests every year to their numerous event suites.
QEII Centre Lobby
QEII Centre Lobby
One of the event spaces in the QEII Centre
Horizon Convention Center
Horizon Convention Center
A 47,000 square foot meeting space in Indiana, USA.
NCC Imperial Suite
NCC Imperial Suite
One of the main event spaces at the NCC

Venues on our waiting list

All of these venues have agreed, either directly or indirectly via their respective venue marketing companies, to have vFloorplan v5 on their websites. vFloorplan v5 will be the next version of our product and will MEWcoin enabled once the API is complete.

In summary...
By creating a simplified and targeted ecosystem for venue aware smart contracts on a blockchain we are bridging the gap between traditional payments and what we believe is the future of payments for the Meetings, Events and Weddings industry.

We are currently one of the few blockchain enabled companies in the unique position of having existing customers, an existing product and a clear path to success and we intend to leverage our current position for all it is worth - we only ask that you help us!
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